Alex Hetherington
United Kingdom
Linda Fratianne

'Linda Fratianne' is a multi-screen film of a devised performance, which orchestrates complex, often abrasive, materials. It is based on a story by the Austrian writer Elfriede Jelinek with references to vaudeville, film noir, theatrical and cinematic styles, performance art and televised sports to explore through gestures, texts and improvised sequences, notions of spectacle/spectatorship, inspection and judgment, violence and failure, glamour and persistence.

Alex Hetherington is a performance-based visual artist. Recent work include the solo show LEVEZ VOS SKINNY FISTS COMME ANTENNAS TO HEAVEN at Embassy Gallery, Edinburgh and, LINDA FRATIANNE, for the CCA, Glasgow, including screenings at Glasgow Film Theatre. Past work include the three-channel film TRIANGLE OF NEED, screened at Signal & Noise, Vancouver, a major survey of recent media art and performed live at Edinburgh Art Festival at Inspace, Edinburgh and HEAVY INFLUENCE, a curated group show, performance series and video installation at Edinburgh Sculpture Workshop.